What We Do

Tech Talks

These talks are a grassroots-style series of presentation given by various technical experts spanning a wide spectrum of topics in technology and related areas.

Round Tables

Free-form, community-focused events where all attendees can raise topics for discussion.

Code Labs

Specially prepared to provide step-by-step instructions, these events focus on introducing new technology and maximizing hands-on learning.

Dev Fests

GDG Dev Fests are large scale, community-run events that offer speaker sessions across single or multiple product areas, hackathons, code labs, and more…

App Clinics

These community events bring together developers, designers, testers, and usability experts to evaluate specific apps with a focus on constructive criticism, problem solving, and collaboration.


These events bring together multiple experts on a topic. The formats can vary from moderator-led Q&A, debate, focused or free-form discussion, to audience Q&A.

Your feedback matters

If you live in the local area, please contact us with any comments on how we can improve, or how you’d like to suggest anything.

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